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in exceptional cases, Canadian immigration officer may issue a Temporary Resident Permit TRP to allow an individual who is inadmissible or who does not meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection IRPA Act, to enter or remain in Canada.
TRP is issued only in exceptional circumstances and when the need to enter or remain in Canada is compelling and sufficient.
The immigration officer considers the followings when processing a TRP application:
  • The need for the foreign national to enter or remain in Canada is compelling.
  • Whether the need for the foreign national's presence in Canada outweighs any risk to Canadians or Canadian society.
Who can apply for Temporary Resident Permit TRP Canada ?
Individuals who do not meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), or who are inadmissible under the IRPA, may apply for the temporary resident permit TRP. The TRP applicant may be for:
  • Refused a permanent resident visa (PRV) or
  • Refused temporary resident visa from abroad (study, visit or work) .
  • Refused an electronic travel authorization (eTA)
  • Refused processing of an application within Canada.
  • Individual who was allowed to withdraw his application to enter Canada at a Canadian port of entry.
  • Inadmissibility cases, such as:
    • Inadmissibility on health grounds, Inadmissibility on criminality grounds
    • Victims of human trafficking: TRP is to respond to the vulnerable situation of victims of human trafficking.
    • Victims of family violence or neglect
    • Persons under a removal order: Temporary Resident Permits may be issued when enforcement of the removal order is not possible.
After confirming your eligibility to apply for the temporary resident permit TRP, you can retain the services of our experienced immigration consultants to help you apply. You will be saving money and time, and certainly they can prevent you from making critical mistakes that MAY result in the refusal of your application or the delay of the processing time of your application.
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