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There are 3 main classes of Business immigration programs in Canada:
  • Entrepreneurs immigration
  • Investors immigration
  • Self-employed immigration program
Canada investor immigration
Canada immigrant investor program is offered by the province of Quebec (Quebec Investor Program). All investors must be selected by Quebec before applying for the permanent residency.
When you obtain Permanent Residency in Canada as investor you don't have to establish or operate a business.
Entrepreneur immigration programs:
Canada offers Federal and provincial entrepreneur immigration programs. Each program has its own definition and requirements:
  • Federal entrepreneur Start-up Visa Program
  • Quebec entrepreneur immigration program
  • Alberta Entrepreneur immigration streams
  • BC Entrepreneur Immigration - Regional Pilot
  • Manitoba Business Investor Stream (BIS): Entrepreneur Pathway
  • Manitoba Business Investor Stream (BIS): Farm Investor Pathway
  • New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Entrepreneurs immigration streams
  • Northwest Territories business stream
  • Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Streams
  • Ontario entrepreneur stream
  • Prince Eduard Island Entrepreneur program, work permit stream
  • Saskatchewan Entrepreneur immigration
  • Saskatchewan Farm Owner and Operator Category
  • Yukon Business Nominee Program
Self-employed immigration programs
To immigrate to Canada as self-employed, you may be eligible to one of the available immigration programs. Each one of these programs has its own definition and requirements:
  1. Quebec Self-Employed Worker program: you have the relevant experience, have a net worth of at least 100 000 $ CAD and Interested in coming to Québec to create your own job as a self-employed professional or tradesperson.
  2. Federal Self-Employed program: you must have the relevant experience and willing and able to make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada.
  3. Canada farming immigration programs

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