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Apply for permanent residence
With some exceptions, these categories of applicants usually are notified by the CBSA of their entitlement to apply for PRRA:
  • Individuals whose refugee claim has been rejected by the IRB (includes withdrawn or abandoned claims), and more than 12 months have passed.
  • Individuals whose refugee claim is ineligible for referral to the Immigration and Refugee Board (except those who are ineligible vis-à-vis the Safe Third Country Agreement)
  • Previous PRRA applicants who are still in Canada, and more than 12 months have passed.
  • Other individuals who never previously claimed refugee status or protection in Canada and are now facing removal.
Note: A person is not entitled, to apply for a PRRA if their claim for refugee protection was determined to be ineligible because they came to Canada directly or indirectly from a safe third country (To date, only the USA has been designated)
A CBSA officer decides your eligibility and notify you of your entitlement to apply for the Pre-Removal Risk Assessment PRRP.
If you are entitled to apply for the PRRA, the CSBA officer will give you the PRRA application form and the PRRA guide.
If you are a subject to a removal order that is in force and your previous PRRA application has been refused, abandoned, or withdrawn, you may apply for a subsequent PRRA if the 12-month bar on PRRA applications have passed.
  • Subsequent PRRA applicants do not benefit from a regulatory stay of removal.
  • Unless the officer is satisfied that it would be in the interests of justice to revisit an issue dealt with in a previous PRRA, Subsequent PRRA are assessed only in terms of risk factors that have arisen since the last PRRA application.
You must complete and submit your application in
  • 15 days, if you get the forms in person.
  • 22 days, if you get the form and the guide in the mail.
Only if you received the PRRA application kit from the CBSA officers you can retain our services for a PRRA assessment service.
After receiving your PRRA, you can retain the services of our experienced immigration consultants. You will be saving money and time, and certainly they can prevent you from making critical mistakes that MAY result in the refusal of your application or the delay of the processing time of your application. You can choose one of our affordable immigration services :

file review
US $500
  • Videoconference or phone meeting with an experienced immigration consultant Read more »
  • Initial Review of your completed application and supporting documents by our Read more »
  • Written list of recommendations and updates for you to make.
  • Final detailed review of your application and supporting documents, within 15 days Read more »
  • You are responsible for submitting and managing your visa application.
Service plan
US $1195
  • Videoconference or phone meeting with an experienced immigration consultant Read more »
  • Guidance and assistance during the process of registration, filling the forms and preparations of the documents.
  • A review of your supporting documents.
  • Final review of your application and documents, within 30 days from the date of the initial meeting.
  • You are responsible for submitting and managing your visa application.
Service Plan
US $3995
  • Meeting in person, videoconference or over the phone with an experienced immigration Read more »
  • We guide and help you collect the supporting documents for your visa application.
  • Your immigration consultant complete and submit your visa application, on your behalf.
  • Your assigned immigration consultant will represent you during the process.
  • We keep track of the progress of your application and provide you with all the updates at every stage.
  • Unlimited consultations and responses to your inquiries.
  • Interview preparations if requested by the immigration authorities.

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