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International students are required to have a valid CAQ for the entire duration of their studies, even if the CAQ expires during the final semester of studies.
As a holder of a CAQ, you must renew or make a new CAQ application for studies in Quebec if :
  • You postpone the start of your study program by more than one study semester.
  • You change the level of study
  • Your Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) expires before the end date of your study program.
* Apply for your CAQ 6 months before the expiry date of the current one. This way, you can apply for the extension of your study permit before the expiry date of this document. Maintaining your status in Canada, is mandatory.
Steps to renew Quebec CAQ
For CAQ renewal, you must follow these steps :
  • Obtain an admission letter from a designated educational institution in Quebec.
  • Complete and pay the processing fee of the CAQ application.
  • Submit the requested supporting documents online on the Arrima platform.
Once your CAQ application is approved, you will receive in your CAQ online account, a Letter of attestation of issuance of your CAQ for studies.
The cost to study in Quebec
To support your CAQ application for studies, you will need to prove that you are able to assume these costs :
  • Tuition fees for international students, unless exempted.
  • Transportation costs: Cost of the round trip, from and back to your country of origin.
  • Cost of living during your studies; - Coverage by health and hospitalization insurance.
Cost of living to study in Quebec
The cost of living varies depending on the age and number of people included in your application. Here is the approximate, average cost of living in the province of Quebec, for an international student :
  • One person under 18 years old: $7,500
  • A person aged 18 and over: $15,000
  • Two people aged 18 and over: $22,000
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