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You can apply for the employer specific work permit if :
  • You meet the general eligibility requirements for a work permit and
  • Your eventual employer provided you an offer of employment number OR
  • Your employer provided you a positive LMIA decision.
Before asking the Canadian employer for the job offer, you should make sure that you belong to one of the following categories
Your eventual employer can apply for an offer of employment number for you if :
1. You hold a valid Certificat de selection du Québec (CSQ)
you must live in the province of Quebec and have a valid work permit.
2. You have been nominated by a province (Provincial Nominee).
3. You are applying for PR under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)
You will be asked to provide a referral letter from the provincial government and a signed commitment that you will apply for permanent residence under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) within 90 days of applying for the work permit.
4. Francophone Mobility:
You are a French-speaking or bilingual skilled worker who intends to live and work in a Francophone community outside Quebec. The following additional Requirements do apply for this category:
  • If you live outside Canada and this is your first application of work permit under an LMIA exemption for francophones working outside Quebec, your Job offer should be for NOC skill level of 0 or A (management or professional occupation).
  • If this is not the first time you apply for an LMIA exemption work permit, your Job offer should be for NOC skill level of 0 , A or B ( management , professional, technical or skilled tradesperson).
You do not have to work in French.
5. You hold a commitment certificate for the Start-up Visa Business Class
Permanent Resident Visa program.
6. You are intra-company transferee
You have been transferred within a company to its Canadian branch.
7. You received invitation with International Experience Canada
You received invitation under one of the two categories of the IEC program :
  • Young Professional or
  • International Co-op (Internship).
8. You are an academic
Such as researcher, guest lecturer, visiting professor, post-doctoral fellow, award recipient, or other type of academic.
9. You are a professional athlete or coach
You must be a professional athlete or coach for a Canadian team.
To support yourself while in Canada, you may also be eligible for an open work permit.
10. You are a dancer, actor, orchestral musician, or opera singer.
Or someone in a related job and your employer is a Canadian non-profit performing arts company or organization, that receive federal funding.
11. You are a religious worker
You may be exempt from paying the work permit processing fee if you will not be paid, other than a small payment for living expenses, or non-monetary benefits (such as room and board, health-care insurance)
12. You are conducting research at certain Canadian institutions
13. You are an entrepreneur
Whose intention is to operate a business in Canada that would create or maintain significant social, cultural, or economic benefits, or jobs for Canadian citizens.
14. You are a charitable worker
15. You are working on a film or television production
16. You are a repair or maintenance worker for industrial or commercial equipment
17. You are an overnight camp counsellor
18. You are working in Canada under a federal-provincial/territorial agreement
19. You will work for a foreign diplomatic mission or consular post.
20. You will work for an international organization
21. You will work for a foreign government.
22. You will work for an owner or operator of an international bridge or tunnel.
The employers must take some steps in Canada such as efforts of recruitments and submitting the job offer to the appropriate Canadian authorities (Service Canada and Ministry of Immigration Quebec if applicable). If the decision is positive, your employer will provide you with the positive LMIA decision to apply for Canada specific employer work permit.
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