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If you have the relevant experience, the required net worth and interested in coming to Canada to create your own job as a self employed, you may be eligible to one of Canada immigration programs.
Canada Self-employed immigration programs
There are three main immigration programs designed for self-employed persons. Each one of these programs has its own definition and requirements:
  1. Quebec Self-Employed Immigration Program
  2. Canada federal self-employed immigration program
  3. Canada Farming immigration programs
Quebec self-employed immigration requirements
To immigrate to Quebec as a self-employed, you must:
  • Have worked as self-employed, for at least 2 years in the previous 5 years, in a profession or in a trade that you intend to continue practicing when you immigrate to Quebec.
  • Have a net worth of at least CAD $ 100 000
  • Make a refundable security deposit of CAD $25 000 or CAD $50 000, when you get the conditional approval of your selection.
  • Score the minimum requested points on a selection grid designed to assess your net worth, age, level of education, years of relevant experience, language skills in French and in English.
There is a maximum number of applications to receive from applicants who do not speak French or have less than intermediate-advanced level of oral French.
Note: The security deposit amount depends on the region where you will practice your own profession or trade
Federal self-employed immigration program requirements
To immigrate to Canada as a self-employed, you must:
  • Have at least 2 years of “relevant” work experience (the last 5 years),
  • Score at least 35 points on a selection grid and
  • Be willing and able to make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada.
Your experience is considered relevant if you have:
  • Taken part in cultural activities or athletics at a world-class level or
  • Been a self-employed person in cultural activities or athletics
Self-employed immigration Canada occupations as example: music teachers, painters, illustrators, film makers, freelance journalists, choreographers, set designers, Conductors, composers, singers, actors, dancers…. Athletes, coaches and trainers, referees…
There is no regulated minimum net worth required from the applicants under the Federal Self-employed program. However, you must have enough money, according to the latest financial grid to settle in Canada with your family and to finance the work on which your qualification to the program was assessed based on.
Canada farming immigration programs
To immigrate to Canada as a farmer, you must:
  • Have experience in farming
  • Have enough funds to invest in a farming operation
  • Plan to buy and run a farm in Canada
This immigration pathway, allow you to settle in Canada as a permanent resident, while investing in Canadian farmland. Among the Canadian immigration programs offered to farmers:
  • Alberta farming stream
  • Manitoba farm Investor immigration
  • Saskatchewan farmer immigration
Initial service for Canada Self-employed immigration
Our team of qualified Immigration Consultants can help you.
When you select the Initial service for Canada self-employed immigration, we will:
  • Evaluate your profile to all available self-employed immigration programs
  • Present to you all your immigration options
  • Help you determine which immigration program is best for you
  • Review with you your business immigration plan, explain the process in details and what to expect
  • You will get valuable advises to help you during the preparations of your supporting documents.
If you are not eligible to any of the Canadian self-employed immigration programs, we will advise you on how you can improve your immigration profile.

Premium Service for eligible Self-employed immigrants
After confirming your eligibility, you can retain our services. We offer two options of services:
  • Self -managed service, to assist you during the preparations of your application
  • Premium service to handle your immigration file and to represent you during the process of your immigration application.


You can choose the plan that suits best your needs and your budget.

Initial service for Canada self-employed Immigration

US $500

  • Simplified guide and personalized application kit based on your unique situation, available in your online account within 2 working days from purchase
  • Online assistance and guidance to complete your application, within 10 working days, from the day you receive your application kit
  • Professional review of your application and supporting documents, within 10 working days, from the day you receive your application kit
  • You submit and manage your visa application

US $

  • Online meeting with our case manager to review your application, within 2 working days, from purchase
  • based on your unique circumstances, we assign one of our specialized immigration consultants to handle your case and represent you during the process of your visa application.
  • We assist and guide you, to ensure your file is complete and your documents are according to the requirements
  • We offer you unlimited online consultations and responses to your inquiries during the process of your visa application
  • We finalize and we submit your visa application on your behalf
  • Your representative (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) and the case manager monitor closely the progress of your application until a final decision is reached
  • Interview preparation, when applicable

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